Top 10 Study Tips

Active reading tips

  1. Read / summary method:-when we read a new chapter,extract imp points and write notes.
  2. Marginal notes:-in text margins write important points. >RTS– read the paragraph,think wt author is saying about,summarize-write in margins of text book.
  3. Think like a teacher method:-if I would the professor,what would I ask in the exam-make color coding for difficult once.
  4. Memory boost method:-as your reading keep a blank paper and pen next to you. >Write it down quickly,when you see an important point. >Second time write it down without looking in text book.
  5. Mind maps:-use color,creativity. >Once you finish the chapter try to remember. >Draw branches that connect that subject and mini branches that connect to those branches.
  6. Study guide:-These are mini sheets,sheets-write down important information. >Keep short and sweet as possible.

  • 7)Einstein Strategy:-For oral presentation. >Explain to some one else as you read. >Organize the topic in a consized manner
  • 8)Personal connection:-Try to create a example as you read or drawings or make it joke.Make Material easy to understand in a simple way
  • 9)Post it notes summaries:-when you read a novel,make a sticky notes out of you can do well in exams.

 10) practice,practice,practice,practice,practice.

Nmat Exam Study Tips

1)Have a watch! So when I took the NMAT there was not one clock to be found
thank goodness I had a watch. I think its crucial for the first part. They had a guide on the wall
suggesting that you take a certain amount of time for each part. However, if you are
planning to go to different parts of the test you need to make sure you keep track of
your own time too. I didn’t want to stress about knowing the time so I made sure to
have a watch. At the end they do tell you when you have 20 mins, 10 mins, 5mins

2)Proper use of your review time is critical.Make sure you use your review time wisely so you can cover all the areas.

3)Take advantage of the practice set during the is best to answer all the questions in the practice set early.

4) For topics like biology and social science which don’t really need so much comprehension and problem solving, definitely, ACTIVE RECALL works! So use apps like quizlet and anki for FLASHCARDS!